torstai 11. joulukuuta 2008


Hmm.. few years ago i spent time in this residency in an old brewery Warteck in Basel. I just found these photos and started to miss the place and the people. The light reminds me of the weather, i remember how it smelled, how the air felt...
Luckily photos make mind traveling easy:)
Pakenen harmaata päivää katselemalla vanhoja valokuvia. Mielikuvamatkailua Baseliin, vanhaan tehtaaseen jossa vietin aikaani muutama vuosi sitten. Valosta muistan sen kevään, miltä ilma tuoksui ja tuntui iholla..

Dreamy drawings from Anna Emilia.

4 kommenttia:

  1. It seems that you had a wonderful time there!so nice photos!

  2. I like the light on the wall :)

  3. that's funny!
    I saw the food packages, was confused and thought:
    what are they doing in finland??!

    only then I saw that you took the picture in Basel and I felt very at home!!

  4. Thank you Parisa and Esti! and Schanett, great that you left a comment, now i can also check your blog:)