maanantai 17. marraskuuta 2008

this little bird came behind the window

I had a very nice weekend even it was raining almost all the time again. Working a bit, cooking, walking in the rain and on sunday treasure seeking to the fleamarket. I found a good old shirt from Marimekko and hand made trousers, all for 2 euros. These old Marimekko´s from the 70´s are so soft. Better than new ones.
Trousers are wool and a bit itchy, but i´m still going to wear them;)
I also got a present from S. a vinyl of Kuupuu. Very talented finnish woman is behind this name, which means "Moontree" in english.

Beautiful photos, paintings and music from Kuupuu.

ps. sun shines today! i have to go out to see her...

5 kommenttia:

  1. Ihan älyttömän kauniit vaatelöydöt! Ja sopii vielä toisiinsakin.

    Täytyypä tutustua tuohon Kuupuuhun.

  2. kiitos! olin itsekin tyytyväinen, todellisia aarteita;)
    tuo Kuupuu tekee jännää musiikkia, unenomaista ja hieman shamanistista. kannattaa tutustua..

  3. loving Kuupuu! thanks for sharing her work..

  4. i didn't think that any real birds looked like that... is it real?
    do you know what type of bird?

  5. Erin, super that you found Kuupuu, i love her works too!
    .girl ferment. it´s real talitintti, Parus major in latin? there are several ones that come every morning behind the window checking something to eat. we have become slowly friends:)