lauantai 15. marraskuuta 2008


Three little things i like a lot: 
Drinking coffee outside. On a balcony, in a café or where ever. 
The sun. I love the sunlight, sunrises and sunsets. Living in the North this time of the year is very difficult, there is less and less light. But on the other hand, midsummer is the most beautiful time. The sun stays up all day and night long. Uuh, how i miss the summer already...
The sea. I live next to the sea. I just love it. It´s so living and powerful and it connects us all in a way or another.

And Jenni Rope´s works i really like a lot too. Have a look.

4 kommenttia:

  1. you are so lucky to live by the sea, even if the sunlight doesn't visit often.
    i love a cold, moody ocean.

  2. oh yes, ocean is already as a word so beautiful.

    i like the idea how the water flows, from the rivers to the seas. and the colour of the seas and ocean.
    changing from deep blues to turquoise...

  3. OLen iloinen että löysin blogisi. Kiinnostava, varmasti jään seurailemaan.

    Kuvista päätellen olemme kulkeneet monissa samoissa paikoissa.

  4. Hei Liivia, olen todella iloinen että löysit minut:)