keskiviikko 22. kesäkuuta 2011

first we take Berlin

Oh Man. In a german way said. I´m so impatient. I already created another blog, i thought maybe my space is full and no photos any more. Well, this seems to work so far.. So, let´s start again.

Greetings from Berlin! I spent there just few days, but oh man oh man. I just love that city.
When i got in the city i was just smiling like the grinning cat. I simply wanted to hug all the streets, the houses, the parks, the people, the street lamps..
I never have the feeling i would NEED to do anything special in Berlin. It would be just enough to sit in those numerous cafés and parks. But i always find myself biking a lot around, meeting people, seeing exhibitions, theater, markets.. so much going on in there. Always.
But i also make sure i have time enough just to sit in cafés too..

ps. sorry these photos are a bit messed up. Not my day in technic way.. 
Se toimii sittenkin. Ehdin jo luoda uuden blogin kun ajattelin että ehkä kuvatilani rajat ovat tulleet vastaan. No, se otettakoon käyttöön joskus tulevaisuudessa, tämähän näyttää toimivan taas.
Aloitetaan siis alusta;

Terveisiä Berliinistä! Oli ihanaa. Niinkuin aina aikaisemmillakin retkilläni tuohon kaupunkiin.
Tällä kertaa viivyin vain joitakin päiviä, mutta siinäkin ajassa ehdin jo paljon. Vaikka ei Berliinissä tarvitse tehdä mitään erityistä. Minulle riittää jo hetki kahvilassa, milch caffee nenän alla, ihmisiä ja vilinää.
Silti huomasin taas kerran fillaroivani hulluna ympäriinsä, tapasin kavereita, kävin toreilla, taidenäyttelyissä, teatterissa, makoilin puistoissa.. Berliinissä sattuu ja tapahtuu. Aina ja koko ajan.

En oikein tiedä mikä tuossa kaupungissa vetää minua puoleensa. Jo sinne saavuttuani hymyilin kuin hangon keksi. Halusin halata kaikkia sen katuja, katulamppuja, taloja, puistoja ja ihmisiä.
Sinne on aina hyvä palata.

ps. niin ja anteeksi vain kuvien epätasaisuus. Ei taida olla minun päiväni mitä tekniikkaan tulee..

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  1. Sama vika tainnut olla bloggerin kanssa tänään monella!

    Hei oi ihana Berliini! Ehkä vielä jonakin päivänä minäkin.

  2. ai tätä blogger-vikaa on siis ollut ilmassa. no hyvä tietää, etten vielä repinyt peliverkkareita..

    ja Berliiniin kyl kannattaa vielä joku päivä. monethan sinne nykyään menee, mutta mitäs sitten. kyllä se kannattaakin:)

  3. I'll always get that feeling when going back to Tokyo. I just love that city! And I always get that butterfly feeling in my stomach yelling "I'm back! I'm back!!! Oh - there is my Ikebukuro Big Camera! And there is my seibu Loft! And here is the Konbini I always went to when living here for a year..." Yeah, it always is a great time. Just wandering the city, taking pictures, meeting old friends and talking to new people.
    As a German it might be odd, but I haven't been to Berlin that often yet. But I just applied for a job there and might at least go to a job interview there next month. Hopefully. I like Berlin well enough, but I think most Berlin inhabitants aren't very nice to tourists, which is a shame really.
    I can't really understand why Berlin is so popular with people from other countries, when I - as a German - could scream at some arrogant capital people walking around there. I'm totally not going to become like them if I actually get that job!
    But I'm glad you love it there.
    Greetings from Germany.

  4. sounds great! i was in berlin for a few couple of days some years ago, and loved it. in january we perform there, i look forward to that!

    and those pics are lovely!
    why, do you need to make them smaller to be able to upload? how come?
    much love

  5. Ihana Berliini! Minullakin on sellainen kutkutus takaisin sinne. Mutta se on vielä kokematta, olisi varmasti ihan superkivaa. Ensi kerralla siis.

  6. Chisa, i guess there is always a city for everyone where it feels so cosy to go over and over again. one doesn´t necessarily have to live there, but to visit every once in a while and feel happy, that´s a joy:)
    good luck with the job!

    sarapirat, oh super! where will you perform? would be great to see one day..
    and the photos, i just had difficulties to download anything yesterday. but seems to work again..don´t know..blogger-problems..

    Kirjailijatar, juu aina kannattaa jättää jotain seuraavaan kertaan, on hyvä syy palata:)

  7. I'm happy you had so much fun in Berlin! I was there last year for my brother's wedding, but I didn't have too much time to explore the city too much. It kind of gets into my head and I daydream about it without meaning to, sometimes!

    And what Chisa said was kind of interesting to me because I found many of the people working in shops and restaurants were not too patient with me and my terrible German. It could just be my bad luck, though, since everyone else I know who's been there didn't have the same experience I did. For me, I think I will visit next time with someone who knows German!

    Ha, sorry for the long comment! :)

  8. Samantha, there are no limits with the comments! i´m just happy to receive long ones too:)
    Might be something true in what you and Chisa mentioned about the attitude in shops and cafés. I speak a bit german, and i always try to survive with that. i have found out that i really get better service with german. but no one has never been rude against me in there. although i might be so used in impatient service here in finnland, it´s not so polite always here either;)

  9. Too bad to hear about impatient service in Finland - I plan to visit there in the next couple of years and my Finnish is even worse than my German! I'd better start studying! :)

  10. es war unglaublich schön, gleichzeitig mit dir in derselben Stadt zu sein! Hoffe, bald wieder!